This amazing 45 Hectare (111.2 Acre) property near El Portete in the Azuay Province of Ecuador is truthfully one of a kind. A true sense of “peace and quiet” surrounds you as you move through the hills and valleys of this tranquil expanse. With soil rich in minerals combined with high atmospheric moisture content, this space is ideal for crop production and/or commercial produce. In addition, the expansive lot could easily be developed for plot resale. With the primary access road directly off Highway 56, developmental and/or transportation task are easily completed. 

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$990,000 USD


Scott Smith: Producer/Representative

US 904.685.8969

EC 593+ 098.012.4785

593+ 098.012.4785 WhatsApp

Nestor Reinoso: Owner/Representative

EC 593+ 914.230.5429

Whatsapp 099.623.9495